New grads and young dentists…

Graduating from dental school is an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations! Now the clinical drama ensues and you may not know who to turn to answer questions you have.

The issue you may have is that there is no one to ask. Who can I call at the last second to review my treatment plan? How can I get the opinions of a group of dentists that are willing to hear what I think and make suggestions on my diagnosis and treatment?

PEAK is such a group. We have been meeting for this reason. This is not a cult, but a great group of people that we can turn to for advice. And it doesn’t have to be in a session. You can discuss anything that concerns you even over a beer at dinner or at lunch at the table.

I have never seen a group that is so helpful and so unselfish with their knowledge. Everyone WANTS to help and has ideas that will help you with your decisions. That can include clinical and even employee-related issues. It’s great to be able to lean on someone. You make friends fast.

We meet twice a year throughout the state of PA. It may be in Philly or Scranton, Bedford or Pittsburgh. We move the meetings all around to make it fair for all. We have the best speakers for each specialty. We fly them in from all over the country so you can see them: Massad, Koerner, Christensen, Graham, and Tarnow to name a few.

RIP Rick Knowlton. We are going to miss you.

After that meeting you go back to your office and create ten-minute presentations implementing what you learned. We understand that not everyone is comfortable presenting, but you will be ecstatic that you showed a case to your peers!  Plus there will be time for questions if you want. Everyone is SO helpful!

Oh, and by the way, you can accumulate credits toward your Fellowship and then your Mastership in the Academy. Many don’t even worry about the credits. The awards come with time and you will be informed when you are eligible to apply.

This is an amazing time for you to come be with us and see what we have to offer. If you just want to see what this is all about, call the PAGD office and staff will give you information about our next meeting. Come on a Thursday to see the presentations. It will be an amazing time for you. We all hope to see you there!!

John V Gustafson, DMD, MAGD (aka Joey)