State Board of Dentistry Report Sept. 14, 2018 – Meeting Summary

Roll was called, and a quorum was achieved. The board welcomed Dr. Joel Jaspan, who is a periodontist from Plymouth Meeting. He is a parttime instructor at the Montgomery County Community College dental hygiene program.

The minutes from the previous meeting were amended. On one of the votes, Dr. Andrew Matta was recorded as a “no” vote when he should have been recognized as recused. Dr. Erhard’s doctoral title was omitted in one mention. The minutes were moved and accepted as amended.


  • Two practitioners were admitted to the voluntary recovery program, one for alcoholism and the other for addiction to Ativan.
  • A dentist was cited for administering nitrous without the proper Restricted II permit. He practiced in a state where nitrous was allowed without permit and did not apply for the permit in Pennsylvania. He was assessed a $4,000 civil penalty.
  • The board returned the case of a dentist cited for employing an unlicensed dental hygienist as too lenient. The civil penalty was increased from $1,500 to $2,000.
  • A dentist who was licensed briefly in Pennsylvania but was practicing primarily in Texas was disciplined in Texas for failing to provide a minimum standard of care in a case involving multiple extractions and sedation. He was assessed a $3,000 civil penalty and received a public reprimand in Pennsylvania.
  • A dentist licensed since 1962 was cited by the CDC for failing to live up to a minimum standard for infection control. He agreed to surrender his license.
  • A dentist with multiple DUIs declined to enter the voluntary recovery program and agreed to the revocation of his license instead.
    A hygienist with a reciprocal license from Massachusetts was cited for failing to employ an infection control standard. She received a public reprimand and a period of probation concurrent to the same timeframe as Massachusetts.

Regulatory Counsel Report

  • Mr. Maloney suggested that the next meeting of the board also include a separate regulatory meeting. Decisions would need to be made on some of the regulations, including many that have not been moved forward for nearly 10 years and need updating. In particular, the statements of policy on tooth whitening and Botox need to be updated to the reflect current times. Also to be considered in a potential regulatory meeting are volunteer licensing, mobile dental vans and other general revisions.
  • Several board members expressed disappointment with the length of time necessary to bring these regulations and statements of policy to finality. Some members noted that the board was rendered ineffectual because of the long wait.

Report of the Chair

  • Dr. Erhard reported his findings from the American Board of Dental Examiners meeting, which reviewed in detail the dentist and dental hygiene examination requirements. He inquired to the board administrator about potential licensing delays. The administrator noted that the licensing process is experiencing a lag of approximately 10-15 days, which is minimal compared to neighboring states. All inquiries regarding the licensing process should be directed to the administrator.

Committee Reports

  • Dr. Datillo reported from the Standard of Practice Committee. The board has received correspondence from ADA about sleep disorders and teledentistry. Dr. Datillo would like to adopt these as statements of policy. The board moved to draft its own statement on sleep disorders based on the positions of ADA, which was approved unanimously.
  • Regulatory counsel recommended holding off on a statement regarding teledentistry, as legislation is currently in the final stages of consideration in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Several board members noted that teledentistry could potentially represent a lower standard of care, as dentistry is in essence a hands-on profession. Other board members noted that teledentistry, when employed correctly, could be a way to involve a dentist in a remote or underserved community, and is also good for underrepresented specialties