Mentorship Program: Help for New Dentists

Kit Dangler, DDS, MAGD

Knowing what PAGD has meant to me over the years, I want the new dental graduate to benefit from this dynamic group of dentists. To understand what younger dentists want from our organization, PAGD recently held three focus groups. The participants of the focus groups were younger dentists who graduated within the last ten years. Two of the questions the moderator asked were what challenges younger dentists face and how PAGD could help.

Some of the challenges:

  1. Obstacles in buying a dental practice
  2. Student debt
  3. Working long hours
  4. Meeting other local dentists
  5. Staffing issues
  6. Insurance reimbursements
  7. Finding good mentors

What PAGD could offer to help:

  1. Facilitating a meeting for younger dentists
  2. Hold meetings for a smaller group of dentists
  3. Mentorship program

One of my missions within PAGD is to develop a mentorship program that will help the new graduates or young dentists. Thanks to members of the board and other fellow PAGD members, we have been working to develop this mentorship program. At our annual meeting in April 2023, we will be asking for mentors to sign up. Furthermore, in May of this year, PAGD will have the program ready for younger dentists to register. We hope you will take this opportunity to connect with your colleagues through the PAGD Mentorship Program.