State Board of Dentistry Report Meeting Summary – March 10, 2023

Board Members in Attendance:

Dr. Shawn Casey, Chairperson
Dr. Brice Arndt (remote)
Bonnie Fowler, Public Member (remote)
Dr. G. Joel Funari (remote)
Theresa Groody, EFDA (remote)
Arion Claggett, Deputy Commissioner, BPOA
Dr. Joel Jaspan (remote)
Dr. Andrew Matta (remote)
Dr. Lajuan Mountain (remote)
Donna Murray, PHDHP (remote)
Ronald Rouse, Board Counsel
Amber Sizemore, Esq., Attorney General’s Office (remote)
Dr. Jennifer Unis Sullivan
Brian Wyant, Department of Health Designee (remote)

Dr. Casey called the meeting to order. The minutes were reviewed with minor typographical amendments and approved unanimously.

Prosecutorial Report

  • Case #1: A probable cause case involved an EFDA who was charged in May 2022 with a criminal DUI. The EFDA is no longer practicing and agreed to an indefinite suspension of their license. The agreement was adopted.
  • Case #2: The case was heard in the January meeting and rejected as too lenient. It involved three dentists, two general practitioners, and one orthodontist that practiced in a combined practice. Inspections revealed expired medications, instruments that were not properly autoclaved, and poor infection control in the lab. The first and second licensee tendered their resignations, and the case was remediated. The third moved to Texas and indicated they would not return. All three were assessed a civil penalty, cost of investigation, and additional CE or practice monitoring. The board rejected all three as too lenient.
  • Case #3: An EFDA was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. They voluntarily surrendered their license for five years. The agreement was adopted.

Board Counsel Report

General revisions to the SBOD regulations were unanimously approved by the board. Regulations on anesthesia were also approved. Both regulations will be released to stakeholders in an exposure draft.

Additional regulations and policy statements will be handled separately:

  • Regulations on mobile vans and statements of policy on Botox were tabled.
  • Updates to civil penalties were approved in the November meeting.
  • Revisions to EFDA practice and licensure were included in the general revisions package that was just approved.
  • Updates to volunteer license are included in the general revisions.
  • Standards on opioid education are waiting on other boards to ensure continuity.

In future meetings, the board will address expediting miliary licensure for service members and their spouses.

Report of Chair

Dr. Casey encouraged dental professionals to volunteer at MOM-n-PA, June 2–3 in Allentown.

Committee Report

The Scope of Practice Committee will discuss laser use by hygienists and teledentistry at its upcoming meeting.