State Board of Dentistry Report

Meeting Summary September 11, 2020

New Chair Dr. Lugo welcomed attendees. The minutes were approved with minor typographical corrections.

Prosecutorial Report

All prosecutorial reports were decided via consent agreement in Executive Committee and were discussed in confidentiality. The one that was discussed in detail involved anesthesia stacking completed with an incorrect permit.

Report of Board Counsel

Regulatory Report

Ms. Lutz noted that regulatory revisions to licensing fees were moving forward. Revisions to child abuse reporting that were approved by the board are soon to be published as final.

The board discussed the ramifications enacted by Act 41, designed to allow for expedited out-of-state license reciprocation by criteria and/or endorsement. The Pennsylvania Dental Association issued comments in response, requesting that the board include continuing education as criteria for approval in addition to, and not separate from, endorsement in other jurisdictions and a demonstration of competency. The board discussed the potential for granting provisional licenses with either a certain amount of experience, passage of a licensing exam, or both. A possibility was suggested that a provisional license last one year for necessary continuing education to be attained. The board recommended moving this to the regulations committee to discuss the matter further.

Report of the Chair

Dr. Lugo announced his intention to make changes to the committee structure. He would like to institute the following committees:

  • Accreditation and licensing;
  • Disciplinary;
  • Scope of Practice;
  • Communications.

Dr. Lugo also thanked Board Administrator Lisa Burns for her assistance in his transition to Chair, and the entire board for placing their faith in him.